Lake Management, Thane
The project was to prepare an Ecologically Integrated Lakes Management Plan for the lake region in Thane district. It is a research based Urban Planning project commissioned by the Environment Pollution Cell of the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC). The task of conducting detail ground surveys, preparation of all the required drawings, assimilation and synthesis of the data acquired, suggesting recommendations and compiling the observations in the form of a report was assigned to the firm Grass Roots, a Research and Consultancy Cell, Mumbai.
Thane is a neighbouring city of Mumbai towards its east side with the Borivali National Park separating the two. It has its own individuality and significance inspite of being so close to Mumbai. It is also called as the Lake City due to the presence of 22 major lakes and several other small water bodies in its city limits. But in recent times due to the developmental and other pressures the water bodies and wetlands are under severe threat and with them an entire ecosystem. Realising this acute urgency the TMC took up the task of rectifying the situation and as a first step assigned the task of preparing the report to the firm Grass Roots.